Thursday, 21 May 2015

Avocado Lime Popsicle

I'm just gonna pop this recipe on this blog because guess what - I have a massive list of sh*t to do, limited time (nap time) and a messy place that Im going to clean for what feels like the 8th time this morning. Aaaand its only 9:07am. Welcome to my life.

But this recipe will change your life. 

Which is a bold promise.

It definitely changed my mood while I was eating it. So in that moment it did change my life. And Hazel LOOOOOVED it which was a bonus for me and her. 

I boldly stand by that statement. 

Here she is eating it and clapping like the cutestlittlecutiepie in the world. 

This recipe will make 4-6 large popsicles. Yumyum. 


2 ripe avocado
1 cup coconut milk + 1/2 cup to top up
1/4 tbsp maple syrup
pinch of sea salt
juice of 2 limes

Blend it altogether until it turns into a beautiful creamy consistency. Taste test it. So good, right? Then pour it into your popsicle tray and top up the last cm or so with a little bit of coconut milk. It'll look oh so pretty. Freeze overnight.


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A City Slickers Guide To Nature

If we want to feel good on our bodies on a day-to-day basis, spending time in nature is an absolute must. Nature-time is a total game-changer if you have been feeling stuck, lost, unhappy with your body and your life. It can be so grounding, soothing, relaxing and it will somehow remind you that everything is okay. 

Our bodies LOVE it too. Um, in case you forgot - we are nature. So when we spend time on the grass and in the trees, our bodies feel like they are coming home. Think of the feeling of dis-connection with your body through anxiety, sadness, heaviness as a feeling of homesickness, your body actually is missing it's true home - nature. 

Back in the day, we used to live harmoniously with the rhythms of nature (wake when the sun wakes, sleep when the sun sleeps) and the changing of the seasons (prepare food for the winter, eat what is growing in the summer). We worked with the land and cherished the ground under our feet

Today we are nature surrounded by concrete buildings and floors, artificial lights, sirens, some of us living 18 stories above the ground and spending most of our days at desks. We have created quite an environment for ourselves and have essentially removed ourselves from LIFE. No wonder so many of us feel life-less. 

Touching the ground with our bare feet is crucial for us to feel connected to who we are. Breathing in oxygen fresh from the trees revitalizes not only our lungs but our awareness and our senses. The forest takes the stress within and around us and transforms us back to the truth of who we are, making us feel calm and alive.

We are meant to live alongside nature. Our bodies are happiest and at home there. Our bodies are more willing to let go of extra weight, our organs function more optimally, our crazy thoughts become, well, less crazy.

Wait, I’m sorry, what? Nature is boring? 

Excuse me while I try not to cry. That statement just hurt me to the core. We are so used to instant stimulation – big screen TV’s with elaborate murder scenes, clubs with music on super blast, alcohol and drugs, junk food with manufactured flavours. Hmmm. I get it. I can see where you are coming from and why you think nature might be boring.

People. Listen. If we disconnect ourselves from who we primarily are, we seek the thrill of life in other ways. Or numb ourselves from the deep sense of dissatisfaction within. Ugh. I’ve been there. And without nature, I don’t think I could have come back to life.

So I have put together a lil ditty here for you on how to connect back to nature. I cant promise instant satisfaction, although you might. But I can promise a sense of peace and calm within yourself if you truly take the time to connect back to what you are made of. 

Ready? Click on this image below. 


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My Interview with Turmeric

It seems that every whole food gets to have its turn in the limelight. The attention usually begins to shift around the time that we start to get bored - chia seeds, hemp hearts, coconut water, coconut oil, they have all had their turn. 

Turmeric - step forward please. 

I received a very rare opportunity to sit down with turmeric and was able to ask a few, more personal, questions.

SM - Hi, thank you for joining us today, Turmeric. 

T - Yo yo yo, its great to be here. Thanks for havin' me, I mean, dude its totally my turn to shine y'know?

SM - Indeed, T, it is. You are so hot right now. 
        So tell me, what is your claim to fame? Why all the hype?

T - Check it, S. There are many things that are amazing about me. First, lets look at my radiant colour. 

SM - Yes you are stunning, a glowing orange would you say? 

T - Like the african sun. 

SM - Hahah yes. Anything else?

T - I've got time for five more, you cool with that? I've got to make the most of my fame while it lasts. 

SM - [nods]

T - Alright. Listen closely. If you have tummy problems, like what you are eating ain't mixin' well down below, you come to me, alright? I'm a gonna get in there and set things straight. 

SM - I think you are referring to indigestion?

T - Mmmhmmm. Moving on. I am off the charts amazing at decreasing inflammation and joint pain. You got a prob with arthritis? Give me a holla, eat me regularly, and I make you better. 

SM - Well that is truly miraculous. 

T - Yes, I am. Let me continue.

SM - [nods]

T - I am killin' it on the diabetes train by moderating insulin levels. You got blood-sugar imbalance? BAM - you come and see me! Two more. 

T - Three words - anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti vital. Your immune system is basically on steroids when you bring me into the mix. Pow pow pow! Together we take the bad guys down. 

T - And let me tell you, these days? You want me on your team in preventing various types of cancer. And thats all I'm gonna say about that. 

SM - Wow, T, you are invincible. 

T - And I taste pretty damn good too. You gotta add me to to mix more often and I'll spice you up. 

SM - Oh! [blushes] Well. I am afraid we have run out of time. 

Thank you for joining us and for all the work you do. Enjoy your fame.

T - Later [Puts on his sunglasses and give the peace sign]

Well, there you have it folks, I just wish we had more time. Keep your eyes peeled for a recipe with turmeric coming soon.

UPDATE: Here is a Turmeric Latte recipe/video.

Here is the recipe

Turmeric Latte 
(caffeine free, baby)

2 cups your choice of milk
1 tsp each of of turmeric powder, cinnamon, coconut oil, honey, grated ginger
Dash of pepper
Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes
Pour into blender and blend for 10 seconds
Pour into your favourite mug and drinky drinky

See video below to watch me make it.


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Show Up + Everything Else Will Take Care of Itself

Last week a group of women and I got together every morning at 6am. The theme of the week was Feed Your Self and was meant to connect women back to their bodies so they are able to naturally feel better about themselves, their bodies, and the food that they eat. 

Early mornings are such a powerful time to not only awaken but to intentionally come together to create changes in our lives. This particularly cold and dark week kept many others in bed - the streets were silent and the rawness of the early morning held an eerie and quiet crispness. It felt so secretive. The world was not yet buzzing with so many minds in a deep sleep. 

Anyone who was awake at that time had a reason to be. 

Eleven women from around the city - walked, cycled and drove to the City Studio and arrived at the side door of the building - eyes still heavy with lingering sleepiness and greeted me with a slow and quiet "g'morn...". 

The cold, darkness outside challenged each of us to stay in bed longer. "Just sleep in," "No one will notice you're not there," but most days our souls won the inner battle and brought us all together. 

What does it mean to show up? This was one of my many lessons through the process of creating and leading the week for these women. Showing up for me meant not cancelling a program at last minute for fear of it not meeting expectations. Showing up for me meant 4:30am alarms (either from my baby or the clock beside me). Showing up meant taking care of myself throughout the day - napping when I needed to and declining tea dates. Showing up meant being vulnerable; sharing my experience of struggles with food and life in a way I hadn't in the past. Showing up meant trusting the power of simply holding space. It meant to listen and to realize that this both is and isn't about me. 

It was all about connection to ourselves and each other. 

When we wake up before the sun, we make a strong statement to ourselves and the universe. We are saying: Yup, all I want to do is sleep right now. But what I want more is to feel good in my body and in my life. I am willing to care of myself and my body to heal areas of my life that are not working. I want to clean up my energy and my vibration so I can feel more free throughout the day. I want to connect to my soul and my feelings so I can make more confident decisions in my life and in every moment. I am willing to by-pass the negative comments inside my head and do what I know is best for me. 

In my experience, and as a reminder in what I saw this week, the universe responds to those efforts. Many women began to have more energy throughout the day. They experienced a sense of clarity and groundedness they felt was missing. They benefited from listening to and connecting with the other women in the circle. They began to unravel patterns and developed a stronger appreciation for themselves and their bodies. 

'Showing up' might not mean a 6am wake up for everyone, but asking the question, 'What does it mean for me to show up?', 'What would that look like?', 'How might showing up change the way I live?', 'What would change around me if I showed up?'

Sometimes a small act of showing up can expand in powerful ways. 


Thursday, 12 March 2015

Opera Man

I made up a story about an old man who walks Vancouver’s streets. If you live here, you may have seen him before. He strolls down the street and sings opera at the top of his lungs. He’s actually really good. I mean, I know nothing about opera, but it sounds good to me.

It seems strange, right? This older man, hands in his pocket, walking along like a regular guy except that he sings. Out loud. Like, really loud. If you didn’t know about him, you would pop your head out the window and wonder what is going on. You’d turn your head left and right and then realize that sound is coming from this little man. 

Okay so what’s the story? Hear me out. It's quite elaborate. Heartwarming.

As a little Italian boy, this guy (I haven't made up a name) loved to sing. He sang all the time. People thought it was cute and it wasn’t bothering anyone. Some people listened but most didn’t pay too much attention. He sang because he just loved to sing. It was so natural and felt so good to him.

But then he got older and he realized no one else sang like he did. Other kids started to make fun of him. The looks he got from people made him think there was something wrong with him. So he stopped.

Whenever the urge came to sing, he pushed it aside and become like everyone else he knew who didn’t sing. Even in choir-like settings when his voice would bellow over everyone else’s, he made it quieter. It was hard but he could do it.

His parents moved their family to Vancouver, where they found work and a small home. As the little Italian boy grew older, he forgot about his voice. But he also felt a strange and persistent sadness that grew within him. He always felt caged and eventually he became depressed. What was wrong with him? Nobody knew. They tried different medications, various doctors, but sadness became his prominent emotion.

One day he walked past a school yard where little kids were signing. He was hit with something he hadn’t felt before. His heart fluttered and for the first time in a long time he felt a sense of excitement. Before he knew it, his voice moved through him into a song he didn’t even know. But it just felt so good he couldn’t stop. He walked home and sang the entire way. He didn’t care about the looks he got, he actually didn’t even notice. He felt alive and so free. He finally felt good. 

He was given a gift that was meant to be expressed. When he hid and suppressed it, he became depressed. And so now, every opportunity he gets, he is out there strolling the streets, singing at the top of his lungs, not for anybody else but himself. 

The End. 

Moral of the story: Discover, express and/or share your gifts. You're life will be better for it. 

PS - I just did some quick research:

Opera Man has been singing here for as long as I've lived in the lower mainland - which is a very long time. Nearly 20 years i can recall him singing around different neighbourhoods. He used to be more in East Van back about 20 years ago, but he tends to walk 2-4 km per night often in circles. He is more focused on the west side now.
He is friendly if you do not interrupt him. Also - do not interrupt him.

Haha, noted! This even supports my story :)


Monday, 2 February 2015

Dirt Real

Hello again. It has been a while since I have written. For many reasons. The main one being that a tiny little girl has come into my life and I felt that it was time to step back from writing. I knew change was coming in many ways and that a retreat from blogging would be a good thing. 

It was.

Having our daughter come into my life has connected me back to who I am and what is important to me. She has enriched my life far more than I ever expected.

This experience has also clarified to me how I want to show up. In life. In my work. In my relationships. With my thoughts. With time. 

What is becoming clear is that I am committing to showing up from inside out. I am letting my inner guidance lead the way so I can show up incredibly authentic and so very true. 

I want to be real. Even more real than before. I wanna be dirt real. 

It is much easier to take the classic 'just follow the norm' route, riding bumper to bumper with everyone else than it is to show up raw and real. Raw and real is the hard route...scenic, windy, full of hills and valleys. Thunderstorms and tornadoes. Monsoons. That's the dirt real route. 

It is time to be fully me - not just when I am in the safety and cozy comfort of my home, but everywhere I go. 

I believe that when we travel to those unknown and sometimes scary places, we are also able to fully revel in those breathtaking moments. So yes it can be ugly but it is the one that to me feels most free.

This route has no map. It is not led by those who have gone before. It is me in tall grass, creating my own path. My feelings are my compass. I'm not even going to get all sassy about this and use a machete to hack my way. This is a barefooted exploration, using my hands to separate the grass as I carefully trod my way over each stone.

I am listening for the actions, words, feelings, thoughts that are with integrity. The ones that radiate that grounded, real, this-is-who-I-am vibe. I'm gonna follow that. 

Like any journey, there will be trips and falls, maybe a couple of broken bones and many confusing moments. But with time (maybe a lifetime), there will be clarity in my voice, depth in my heart and an unwavering sense of knowing. 

That means I might write again tomorrow. I might write again next week. I might never write again. But this is my intention. To be so TRUE. For all my work to come from inside out. To navigate through the murky I don't knows so I can stand so tall in the I KNOW THIS FOR SURE!!